The area around Zandvoort offers possibilities aplenty.

At Hotel Keur, you're right at a junction full of cycling options. If you want to make a beautiful tour throughout the dunes and woods, cycle a lap to Bloemendaal and Spaarnwoude. But do travel in the other cardinal directions as well!


To Haarlem

Less than 10 kilometres away, you'll find the gorgeous historical heart of Haarlem town. It's a wonderful route through nature and passes by the famous Kraantje Lek tavern.

Explore the coast

Explore the coast towards the south. Noordwijk is 19 kilometres away, or you could cycle to Wassenaar (36 kilometres). When it's open in spring, you can get to Keukenhof after only 17 minutes of cycling.


Through the sand and mud

Got more power in your legs? Grab your mountain bike and go explore the dunes. The large stretch of nature north and west of Hotel Keur offers plenty of exciting routes for mountain bikers.

Explore all the routes

Passing by Hotel Keur? Stop and come in and refresh yourself with a slice of apple pie and coffee. Or something stronger. Or book a night's stay and explore all of the routes in the vicinity. The coast of Holland never fails to amaze our hundreds of cyclist guests. It's always a wonderful experience, both in good and not-so-good weather.


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